The Company


MARCO FRANK was founded in Paris, the city of art, aesthetics and romance, with the purpose of making modern casual clothing, in which quality and elegance are at the forefront, easily accessible to people of all age groups. The brand offer its progressive designs inspired by the strong sports history and culture of France where traditional and modern are co-processed and its collection products created by blending Paris’s street culture with Mediterranean energy and elegance to a wide audience with 4 sub-brands that appeal to different customer groups and have meticulous values in terms of harmony and innovation.

MARCO FRANK will continue to work on the great success story and inspire people in the future with its basic principle “The best, for everyone”.


Marco Frank - Est. In Paris 1979 - Main Logo

Marco by Marco Frank: Products that appeal to all age groups where simplicity and elegance are at the forefront, suitable for any time and setting of the day.

Marco Frank - Frank Sub-brand Logo

Frank by Marco Frank: The brand of those who feel young and are young with modern and energetic designs and colorful collections in line with current fashion trends.

Marco Frank - Marco Frank Polo Club Logo

Marco Frank Polo Club: Exclusive sportswear expressing the passion for polo sports with unique artwork. Indispensable for sports enthusiasts.

Marco Frank - Marco Frank Yacht Club Logo

Marco Frank Yacht Club: The choice of free souls who explore the world with the Mediterranean energy and passion for travel. Exclusive products combining unique artwork with quality.